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Peter Weller's Cigar Paradise

Africa, or finding the Founding Fathers (Rolling in Their Graves) While Smoking my Way Through Post-Apartheid Cape Town
Peter Weller
From the Print Edition:
Tyson vs. King, Jan/Feb 04

(continued from page 9)

"Thus is the demeanor of Americans on their home soil," continues Red. "But you've felt the liberty for this rant, because, I venture to say, you've felt the undercurrent of the new freedoms in South Africa; thus you've run amok. I must say I've never laughed so much or seen so many people of color with so many points of view scream so loudly. But, in spite of the fact that you have used this country to pound your various positions tonight; and in spite of the fact that this conversation WOULD probably NOT have happened at the same party in the U.S.A. -- it is the U.S.A. that has made this conversation a possibility for me to hear it tonight in South Africa. Because, were it not for the influence of the U.S.A. and, indeed, whether you like the place or not, folks, were it not for its legacy of its civil upheaval, we here in South Africa might still be living under apartheid, and I would have never met, let alone heard, so many wonderfully MAD lovelies such as yourselves speak so voluminously and violently on so many wonderful subjects at all." And he sits down.

Long Stunned Pause.

And we all jump up and hug Red to thunderous applause, hoops, hollers, belches, etc. And now I see Per, once again, in the other room waving at me, shrugging his shoulders as I light my last Hoyo D.C.

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