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The Best of Cigar Cinema

Often, there's a disconnect between the writers and editors of a magazine and its readers, but Cigar Aficionado has always tried to make its staff accessible and friendly—an extension of what cigar smoking is all about. And if you've ever wondered what a day in the life of a Cigar Aficionado editor is like, then our online Cigar Cinema can take you from our offices to the cigar shops, the golf course and tobacco fields. This was one of the seminar highlights and one of the most entertaining. At 10:05 on Saturday morning, Cigar Aficionado senior editor David Savona introduced the Best of Cigar Aficionado's videos.

"Now you get to see what kind of actors we are," he said. "You get to see what tobacco fields look like and how we rate cigars."

The room then went dark and we ran the reel showing montage style clips of our Cigar Cinema. It started with Cigar Aficionado editor and publisher Marvin R. Shanken unceremoniously guzzling Burgundy from the bottle, and pairing it with a smoke, which drew instant laughs from the crowd. The camera then cut to the sunny tobacco fields of Nicaragua with James Suckling, who asked: "So what's better than this? Smoking a Padrón cigar in the fields of Nicaragua?" Jorge Padrón then explained the tobacco of the Condega growing region before the camera cut back to the Cigar Aficionado offices in New York City showing an interview with C.A.O.'s patriarch Cano Ozgener. "When I came to this country I wanted to be in New York City, and then I followed this young lady and she changed my life," said Ozgener. "So New York City became Nashville, Tennessee. You all come back over there you hear?" said Ozgener in a heavy Turkish accent, which drew more laughs from the crowd.

The clips were a six and half minute, light-hearted intermission to the morning, which conveyed a lifestyle that could no doubt be the envy of any cigar smoker as the editors were shown smoking on the golf course, sampling beers in cigar lounges, doing comparative tastings of Cuba's Regional Cuban cigars, and smoking Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars at Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic, all while never taking themselves too seriously and having fun at every video shoot.

One segment in particular drew some of the loudest, hardiest laughs. It was a clip of David Savona and Gordon Mott coming into my office and essentially raiding my humidor of some vintage smokes.

Strange, I didn't find that clip funny at all.

Photos by Sjodin Photography

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