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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Greg Raymer, Sept/Oct 2004

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Richard Tear
Addison, Texas

Editor's note: The only way it will stop is when the people unite and tell their politicians to stop wasting their time on needless intrusions into what should be personal decisions.


Dear Marvin,

I just got through reading the August 2004 issue and all I can do is applaud your article on the all-American food, the hot dog! When I entered my local cigar store, the owner told me there was a good article about the hot dog in there, and I would probably enjoy reading it. I just finished the story while smoking one of my personal favorite cigars (Punch Churchill Maduro)!

Ken DeLaet
Memphis, Tennessee


Dear Marvin,

I'd like to respond to Ronald E. McCarty's letter, which appeared in the August 2004 issue. Let me begin with a disclaimer:I have enjoyed cigar smoking for almost three years now. I have found it an excellent way to unwind while enjoying the company of fellow cigar lovers.

I find the "Out of the Humidor" feature the most entertaining part of your magazine. Each issue's letters brim with rationalizations, half-truths and flat-out contradictions. While I can appreciate the zeal that most writers bring to their defense of this lifestyle, I can't help but wonder whether we are doing our cause more harm than good: answering the hysteria of the nonsmoking crowd with our own fanatical response.

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