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That's the best reason we can come up with for our mailbox overflowing with letters and faxes since we announced the coming of CIGAR AFICIONADO nine months ago. We've been literally flooded with mail from cigar lovers. It seems that people have some pent-up desire to express their feelings about cigars, anti-cigar fanatics and just about everything else, including our new magazine.
CIGAR AFICIONADO had always planned a Letters to the Editor page. But we had no idea the response would be so overwhelming. So, this is really more than a letters page. It's a forum. It's a place where you, the reader of CIGAR AFICIONADO, can talk about the subjects that matter most to you.
So, keep the cards, faxes and letters coming. Send them to me at CIGAR AFICIONADO, 387 Park Ave. South, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10016, or fax (212) 684-5374. In the next few pages, you'll see a small sample of what people had on their minds.
Here's to happy smoking.
Marvin R. Shanken
Editor & Publisher

* * *

Nov. 3, 1991
Dear Marvin:
Please include my husband, Mark Bivins, on your mailing list for the first issue of your forthcoming publication for cigar lovers. I know he will want to subscribe.
Thank you,
Ellen Bivins
Amarillo, Texas
Editor's Response: Thanks Ellen. I only wish there were more wives out there like you.

* * *

March 8, 1992
Dear Marvin:
One of the simple pleasures in life for a gentleman is fine cigars and somehow this has been lost in America. I applaud your efforts to publish a magazine devoted to the cigar. It needs a comeback and your magazine should be a great help.
W.C. Thompson
Salisbury, North Carolina

* * *

Nov. 22, 1991
Dear Marvin:
I am one of the unfortunates whose wife won't let him smoke cigars at home (unless I'm outside, at least 50 feet from the house).
I have just one request--could you put a Field and Stream cover on it?
Doug Grissom
Arlington, Texas
Editor's Response: Your wife shouldn't mind your CIGAR AFICIONADO at home; after all, it does not contain smelly perfume ads like many of the women's magazines she probably subscribes to.

* * *

April 12, 1992
Dear Marvin:
There are, as you most probably know, various subtle and not-so-subtle ways of getting Havana cigars here in the U.S. I hope your new magazine never investigates this; it will ruin it for the rest of us who maneuver to the best of out abilities to keep ourselves content.
Until not long ago, there was a store in Moscow called "Gavana," where Cuba's best was on sale, for rubles. When I found myself writing a movie in Moscow in late 1989, my producer, a devout cigar smoker who knows Cohiba is the best in the world (and there's no point in debating this), told me where to find the shop.
I arrived to find an empty storefront and an even emptier interior. A white-coated elderly woman sat collapsed in a chair behind the bare counter. When I asked her whether there were any cigars available, she muttered something about coming back the following day. The next morning I arrived to find 300 people cramming the shop, and spilling outside. Elbowing my way in, I found one self-appointed fellow giving out numbers--a familiar Soviet (now Russian) way of maintaining order. I tried to ask him what the drill was, and as I sought an answer, 15 people signed up. So I stopped the politeness, got myself a number, and then asked my question. He ignored me, yelling out only that there would be cigars for maybe 100 people if any even appeared. My number was 167. As I left, he was still handing out numbers. I walked out the door as he called, "21 1!"
I write this smoking a small Jose Quintero and wishing you every success.
George Malko
New York, New York
Gary Frandsen Port Byron, Illinois, usa, April 12, 2013 2:15pm ET
Dear Marvin:

After reading the latest edition of Cigar Aficionado,I realized that our article about Laurence Fishburne left out an acting credit. He was in the 1986 CBS TV Show
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" as Cowboy Curtis.
I do enjoy reading your magazine cover to cover and will be a life long reader. Thanks
john zakes jr La Porte, Indiana, USA, May 13, 2013 12:17pm ET
I have been a subscriber for at least 15 years. love the articles and especially the ratings. Enjoy the pictures also. I just wish they would print only pictures with the cigars actually lit. was no big deal for awhile but in the last year,I have seen people holding unlit cigars the wrong way!! the wedding pictures are really prone to this. just doesn't seem to be right-my opinion.

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