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Dear Marvin:
My husband is a "cigar aficionado." We enjoyed your first publication very much and wish you continued success. My husband and I are very happily married and try to share in each other's interests. I was amazed at all the letters you received from men who could not smoke in their own homes. There should be some kind of compromise for these couples. At least one room in the house where men could go to enjoy a good cigar (crack a window or something). I personally enjoy the smell of a fine cigar. Come on ladies, give that hardworking man some relaxing pleasure.
Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.
Mrs. Alicia Bee Ross
Henderson, Texas
Editor's Response: In time, maybe attitudes among women regarding smoking at home will change. And, we are already seeing a number of restaurants stepping forward to welcome cigar smokers. Please see the "expanded" list of cigar friendly restaurants on page 126 of this issue. We urge all of our readers to patronize these establishments.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I am a 26-year-old doctor, awake at 2:20 A.M. waiting to deliver a baby. What do I have on my mind? CIGAR AFICIONADO. I read about 75 journals, magazines and newsletters a month, and I must say you have a winner. I've read the premier issue cover to cover--twice already.
James M. Govino, M.D.
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

* * *

Dear Marvin:
If I may, as the longtime mâitre d' at the Everest in Chicago that was inaccurately portrayed in David Shaw's article "Where Can I Smoke In Peace?" I would like to take this opportunity to clarify to you and to your readers the restaurant's position on cigar smoking.
It is true that, unless you are the last table in the dining room, cigar smoking is not permitted in the Everest. This is not because we are intrinsically opposed to cigar smoking. Quite the contrary, our chef/owner, Jean Joho is from France and is very familiar with the smoking customs of Europeans. In fact, Chef Joho has a great affection for fine cigars himself. It is, however, a reality that in the U.S.A. we, as restaurateurs, must respond to the wishes of an overwhelming and (as your article points out), highly vocal majority of diners which believes that cigar smoke isn't appropriate in a fine dining atmosphere.
In an effort to try to accommodate the wishes of both smokers and nonsmokers, we invite those who would like to smoke a cigar into one of our private dining rooms, when available.
When our private dining rooms are occupied, we always have a comfortable lobby area where guests may enjoy a cigar and a selection from our extensive list of after-dinner Cognacs and cordials. In either case, there is always some accommodation we can make for our cigar smoking customers.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
David Schlismann
Mâitre d', Everest
Chicago, Illinois
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