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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
bundle of cigars, Winter 92/93

Dear Marvin:

Congratulations! It was indeed a wonderful experience to read your premier issue. For a Cuban with nearly 45 years of puffing Habanos, it was like reading hieroglyphics in a newly discovered ruin. In other words, a finding of an extinct civilization. The art of cigar smoking has suffered humiliation, snubbing, insults, rages and all kinds of name-calling from groups of people. That it has survived all these experiences is reflected in the success of your magazine.

The articles in The Wine Spectator and the launching of your publication depicting what a cigar really is, made me feel very proud to be a Cuban. I felt the same ecstasy as when I watched the Cubans in the summer Olympics in Barcelona, or the extraordinary Cuban National Ballet with Alicia Alonso.

While this country lifts embargoes to questionable types of governments like South Africa and Haiti, which continuously ignore democratic principles, it has sustained and tightened a totally unreasonable embargo towards Cuba, every year using more abstinence than logic.

What a great opportunity the cigar gives us. What an indescribable pleasure to smoke a good cigar. What an honor to share a moment of peace and enjoyment with so many fine people.

Thank you for your contributions to this cause, and, of course, your magazine will occupy the best shelf in my house.

Sincerely yours,

Manuel Anaya
Los Angeles, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:

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