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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Winston Churchill, Autumn 93

(continued from page 1)

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Congratulations on a stellar first year of publication. I was elated when I saw the story on CNN Headline News about the launch of this magazine dedicated to one of the world's great pleasures...cigars. As soon as the piece was over, I ran to my telephone to call the area bookstores to see which, if any, had this magnificent periodical on their shelves. After two misses, I found a store with several copies and made a mad dash to the other side of town to acquire my first issue of CIGAR AFICIONADO.

When I left the shop, I was beaming from ear to ear. I rushed to my car and flew back home. You may be asking why I didn't just read it right there in the parking lot. I would have, had it not been early September in Orlando, Florida. Also, in my haste to get to the store, I left my house without any cigars. I wanted to enjoy reading this newfound friend with a Partagas No. 10 and a cool libation, so it was back to the hacienda for me.

I spent the next several hours devouring the magazine and two Partagas No. 10's and loved every minute of it.

In February, I left Orlando and moved back to Southern California after almost 11 years in Florida. I am in a new job as a voice-over actor for animation in radio and television commercials. During my tenure in Orlando I had several different jobs, but my last job has to be the envy of cigar smokers everywhere.

In June 1990, I auditioned for Universal Studios Florida to portray one of my childhood idols, W.C. Fields, a great comedian, world-class juggler and cigar aficionado. I landed the role and was told to bring the great man to life in every respect. I asked whether that meant that I could smoke cigars just as W.C. Fields did and was told that not only would they allow me to smoke cigars but that I would be reimbursed by the company for my cigars. What a beautiful job. Being given carte blanche to smoke my cigars, insult every guest (tourist) within the sound of my voice and smite little children upon the sconce when they came within reach of my cane. Glorious, simply glorious.

During my two years and eight months that I was in the employ of U.S.F., I met cigar lovers from all over the world. Whenever they saw me and my cigar coming, an instant camaraderie existed whether or not they knew who W.C. Fields was. I met many wonderful men and women from all over the world who love cigars and never hesitated to let me know about their passion for good cigars. I got several offers to trade jobs. I also got more than my fair share of subtle and not so subtle "hints" that my cigar was not welcome. Those times are far outweighed by the wonderful conversations and friendships with my fellow cigar aficionados.

One story in particular is worth mentioning.

I received an invitation to appear before a gathered throng of conventioneers. I accepted the engagement. During the course of the evening my duties were to mix and mingle with the crowd. As always, my cigar was lit.

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