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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Linda Evangelista, Autumn 95

(continued from page 3)

Roger Matthew Kunkle
Brisbane, California

* * *

Dear Marvin,

Recently, I was invited to a wedding in Pasadena, California. Knowing how strict (ridiculous) smoking laws are in California, I was quite pleased to see that the reception was being held at Bistro 45; Bistro 45 is listed in your Guide to Cigar Friendly Restaurants as allowing cigars on the patio.

Shortly after my arrival, I smelled the aroma of a fine cigar and followed my nose to the patio where I found pastry chef David Berg enjoying a good cigar. After a brief discussion with him concerning the smoking laws of California, the pleasure of a great cigar, etc., we agreed to meet after the dinner to enjoy fine Macanudos together.

After a lovely reception and a wonderful dessert (thank you, David), I adjourned to the patio for my after-dinner smoke with chef Berg. We had barely begun to enjoy our cigars when the manager approached me and advised me that cigar smoking was not permitted. I reminded him that he was listed in the Cigar Aficionado guide as a cigar friendly establishment. The manager affirmed that they do permit cigars on the patio when the restaurant is "open," however, since the restaurant was "closed" for a private function (for which I was an attendee and had been given permission to smoke by the host), he would not permit cigars. Once again, the logic of Californians is beyond belief!

Since the management of Bistro 45 obviously had no sense and since I did not want to jeopardize my newfound friend's career, I thought it futile to pursue the issue any further.

On the advice of my cigar comrade, we adjourned to the back alley of the restaurant and continued smoking our cigars among the dumpsters and used, rusting kitchen equipment. The chef had a table and chairs brought to the alley where we resumed our cigars over a fine Cognac.

Although this episode initially upset me considerably, the panache of enjoying my cigar with a new friend and a fine Cognac in the back alley resulted in a new and unusual cigar experience.

I write this letter to affirm to you the true camaraderie of cigar smokers the world over. In addition, I would respectfully request that you remove Bistro 45 from your directory of cigar friendly restaurants.

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