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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Demi Moore, Autumn 96

Editor's note: Since the publication of our Summer 1996 issue, many readers have written to us in response to an Out of the Humidor letter written by Jim Gordon of Morris Plains, New Jersey. In his letter, Mr. Gordon writes, "I have an awful lot of trouble believing that modern American women are and have been enjoying cigars since long before all of us men caught on... I invite anyone to take a closer look at that woman smoker next time you see her... Does she really appear to be savoring the subtle array of flavors that a fine cigar can offer? Is she engaged in informed discussion with her companions about her favorite smokes and what she likes about them, or is she holding back coughs and tears..." Here is what some of our readers had to say:


Dear Marvin,

I just finished reading most of the Summer issue of Cigar Aficionado. As my husband passed me the issue to read (we fight over who gets it first!), he looked at me with knowing eyes. As I read through the "Dear Marvin" letters, I knew why he gave me that look when I got to the letter from Jim Gordon of Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Congratulations to Jim for giving men everywhere a nice black eye! I'll admit, I haven't been enjoying cigars for very long (and neither has my husband, who loves the fact that he has someone so close to him who shares this affection for fine cigars, Cognac, Port and microbrews) but I certainly don't smoke them for anyone but me! Cigars are very expensive, a hassle to carry with you, a hassle to keep, not to mention the cost of all the accessories that go with it. And I'd do all this to impress guys like Jim?!

I do have my own humidor, and surprised my husband with a 150-cigar, custom-made exotic humidor for his birthday. (Jealous, Jim?) I don't run across very many men who have this view. Look at the rest of the "Dear Marvin" letters; most men are thrilled to have women who share in their love for cigars. I don't have many men treat me any differently when I light up a cigar--usually they want to talk to anyone about cigars--because they love cigars. Not because they're male or female.

The most attention I get is from women. They casually start conversations with me to find out about cigars. How I started with them and what kind I prefer. I encourage them (especially if they're smoking a cigarette!). I try to tell them they don't have to smoke a small cigar or even a panatela-- they might like the taste of a larger, more full-bodied smoke. I've got a box of Fuente 858s and a box of Montesino Diplimaticos in the humidor now, not to mention the 50 assorted cigars I brought home from the Dallas Big Smoke!

I just wanted to point out to Jim (and other cavemen) that a cigar aficionado is just that--male or female. Those who don't really enjoy it, won't last. Hey, that's more cigars for those of us that do! But do consider how many men smoke cigars for attention. And Jim, at least you did get a rebuttal to your letter. That's a good thing. Now, here's to an inch-long ash
in your eye.

Thanks for the room to vent, Marvin, and a wonderful coffee table quality place to do it!

Linda Leser
Dallas, Texas

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