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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Wayne Gretzky, Mar/Apr 97

(continued from page 11)

Thanks, Cigar Aficionado, for creating the public awareness that allows us all to enjoy events without having to sacrifice the pleasure of our cigar smoking.

Matt Manero


Dear Marvin,

I am the owner of a funeral home in a largely populated Cuban area in New Jersey and an avid cigar smoker and reader of Cigar Aficionado. One afternoon, two individuals came in to price pre-arranged funeral arrangements for their father. After some discussion of the type of funeral services they wanted, I left the arrangement office to make a phone call.

When I returned, one of the daughters had my current copy of Cigar Aficionado in hand. She questioned me on how long the publication has been in print.

Being of Cuban heritage, they were well versed in cigars and stated that their father was also a cigar smoker. They told stories of their father and how they missed the smell of cigars in their house since he could not smoke since becoming ill. I asked if they minded if I smoked during the conclusion of our discussion. They welcomed the opportunity to savor the aroma of a good cigar once again.

At the conclusion of our talk, they stated they had been at two other funeral homes in the area and decided to use our funeral home because of my love of cigars. They requested that their father's last Cuban cigar be buried with him. I assured them that the cigar would go with him.

Mark Bannworth
Bannworth Funeral Home
Elizabeth, New Jersey

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