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Out of the Humidor

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
John F. Kennedy, Nov/Dec 98

(continued from page 6)

Today was a good day of work. We did five surgical procedures and all the patients did well. It was not an unusually long day, but we made good progress. After all, we have to break language, education and economic barriers to accomplish our mission.

Since we finished early and have an even busier day scheduled for tomorrow, several of us went into Santa Cruz for the evening. Our prime directive was to procure Cuban cigars. This being the second or third trip for some of us, we knew just where to go. We accomplished our mission in no time.

With goods in hand, we proceeded on an evening stroll through town. It was too windy to enjoy our cigars in the plaza, but we found a wonderful restaurant where we could relax. An open-pit grill provided some warmth, and the appetizers the chef prepared provided a great change from our usual diet.

The stage was now set for optimal cigar enjoyment. Our choice for the evening was Romeo y Julieta No. 2s. (The Punch No. 1s are being saved for another night.) We got a fine cut from a single-blade guillotine the vendor contributed with the purchase, and a nice even light from the lighter he contributed, too. Oh, what smoke! Even the person who had never smoked a cigar before enjoyed it. I think our tips on cigar etiquette helped.

What more could we have asked for? At that moment, we had it all--the satisfaction of a good day's work, fine food, cold Ducal with lime, good service, great company and fine Cuban cigars. We lingered at the table and savored everything. I would like to thank Paul DeSessa, Keith Roller, Carmen Villalobos and Christine Booth for a fine day at work and a great evening.

And thank you, Cigar Aficionado, for the Counterfeit Gallery on your Web site. I accessed the site a few weeks before the trip, reviewed the information before purchasing, and am confident we all got what we paid for.

Christa Faour, RN
Fayetteville, North Carolina

* * *

Dear Marvin,

Two years ago, my friend Dennis and I made our joint discovery of the pleasure of premium cigars. What started as curiosity progressed to interest, and finally blossomed into a passion--a passion lovingly tolerated and then encouraged by our wives through Christmas, anniversary and birthday gifts. Two years after that first tentative puff, we have developed at least a solid basic knowledge of cigars and we definitely know what we do and do not like. A solitary hour spent with an H. Upmann or A. Fuente is bliss; that same hour spent with a good friend who appreciates the smoking experience is better than bliss. Woven around our chitchat is the binder of "cigar talk" as we discuss the look, shape, feel, aroma and taste of our mutually beloved cigars. Like lazy smoke, friendship, camaraderie and conversation fill the time.

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