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I just heard an editorial comment on a news radio station that stated the majority of bar patrons now support this antismoking legislation, whereas they didn't a year ago. Duh, didn't it occur to them that the bar crowd is now composed of fewer smokers--as they've been treated like second-class citizens--which obviously affects the marketing research now tainted by a larger proportion of purists? I used to look forward to visiting a cigar bar and enjoying an after-dinner drink and fine cigar. Now, these establishments are actually outlawed; places considered too dangerous for this state to allow.

So typical of American conservatives and overreactive, relentless legislators that have been brainwashed into thinking that the fix for everything is to establish more laws; and all to create a society hell-bent on coercing us into conservative behavior and subverting our personal freedoms as promised by our forefathers. We are plagued by others imposing their values on us, and they do this with motives of their own self-assuming, moralistic ego gratification.

Enough from these tyrants; give us back our country, the real America.

Joel Weiss
Camarillo, California

* * *

Dear Marvin

I thought I would tell you about a company that sticks by its advertising. In early July, I was sent to investigate a suspicious death in the Chinatown area of Seattle. Upon my arrival, I was advised by other homicide detectives that an elderly woman who lived as a hermit had been found dead in an old, decrepit home. Further investigation concluded that this woman had died of natural causes.

While I was leaving the scene I observed piles of old newspapers in the front yard of this residence. The papers were from the mid-'60s and were yellowed and tattered. I picked up a pile and brought them to my office and began to read them. I noticed an advertisement for a pack of Cuesta-Rey cigars and the Traveling Man's humidor, both for $1. This sounded like a good deal, and with a chuckle I filled out the order form, and placed a dollar bill and the form in the mail.

Three weeks later I was surprised when I received a box of cigars and this letter from J.C. Newman Cigar Co.


Dear Mr. Ciesynski:

You are one amazing individual. I am specifically referring to the order we received for you from an advertisement we ran at least 25 years ago.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to enclose three packs of our Cuesta-Rey Caravelle natural cigars. Unfortunately, the Traveling Man's humidor was discontinued 20 years ago.

We hope that these cigars bring you many hours of smoking pleasure.

Eric M. Newman

Needless to say, I shared the cigars and this story with my fellow homicide detectives and we all agreed that the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. sticks by its advertisement claim of "Fulfilling the Promise Since 1895."

Detective Mike Ciesynski
Seattle, Washington

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