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Out of the Humidor

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
Orlando Hernandez, Mar/Apr 99

(continued from page 8)

I browsed a little at the golf shirts and some old wooden clubs they had before stepping into the humidor. I then spent another 15 or 20 minutes perusing their cigar selection. I picked up a couple of different cigars, along with a Dominican Cohiba. This Cohiba was one of those small ones that I like to refer to as a walk-the-dog-type cigar, in which you can take a short walk and enjoy a short smoke without having to put it out later.

I lit my Cohiba and crawled into my truck. I still had nearly 30 minutes to kill, so I drove around a bit, enjoying my smoke. About 15 minutes later, I realized that I had not eaten yet and thought that a burger was in order. The only place nearby was one of those places with the big "M" outside. I pulled up to the line with five or six cars in front of me, and as I was about to flip out my stogie, I put my left hand up on the roof of my truck and felt this sharp pain in my palm. I looked at my palm to see a bee trying to pull his stinger out. I smashed him into the top of the windowsill.

I had not been stung by a bee in probably 20 years or more, and forgot what a surprise those little guys can give a person. I thought for a moment and remembered that my grandfather would put tobacco on a sting to take out the "pop." I bit off the end of my little Cohiba and made a tobacco poultice to put in my palm. In a couple of minutes the sting was gone and I was munching on a burger, on my way back to the office. Not only had that little cigar been used for psychological purposes, but medicinal as well.

Scott R. Nelson
Olathe, Kansas

* * *

Dear Marvin,

A few years ago, still in high school, my best friend, E. B., and I would sit outside our chemistry teacher's door after lunch and imagine the perfect trip to New York City. We both share the same passion for cigars, food and good living in general. Now, if you consider two teenagers in São Paulo, Brazil, planning a trip to NYC unrealistic....

Five years later, our day finally comes. Our two days in NYC included Le Cirque, La Cote Basque, Aida at the Met, cigar clubs and even Cuban Davidoffs! More important than any of those pleasures was that our plans, after many years of waiting, were coming true. I was there and with the company of a great friend. Somehow, I feel that all of these interesting happenings would not have been the same without his good company. The food would not have been so absolutely great, Pons would have missed a couple notes, the Davidoffs would have been a bit too dry...even if everything was perfect.

I just hope that E. B. and I have many more opportunities for such pleasurable, enjoyable and unforgettable moments. Maybe next time, and hopefully richer, we might also bring our best girfriends!!!

T. M.
São Paulo, Brazil

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