Mexican Brews

South-of-the-Border Beers Work with Spicy Foods and Great Cigars

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Dos Equis Special Lager
A yellow-gold color with a decent head and herbal aromas. On the palate, this is a sweetish brew with some zesty malt flavors that come through the fairly heavy carbonation.
Modelo Especial
A pale malt brew with a light, fruity nose. It has a short finish with sharp flavors.
Negra Modelo
An attractive mahogany color with a complex, flowery nose. Round and robust flavors derive from the dark-roasted-style malt with hints of roasted apples. A slightly sharp finish highlights this dark lager. Taster's Choice.
A solid gold color with an active, foamy head. It has pleasing hop flavors and is relatively sweet. Good, clean lager. Taster's Choice.
This yellow-greenish beer has good carbonation yet produces a thin head. Hops dominate the flavors, and it has a slightly flinty finish.
There is a medium toasty malt aroma. On the palate, the malt is well balanced with a slight hop bitterness, but this brew has a short finish.
Tecate Light
A good head with some vegetal aromas. This quality carries though and blends with a mild hoppiness in the palate, but the finish fades out quickly.
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