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Boo-yah! This is Sports Center!

If they didn't work there, many of the SportsCenter anchors and production assistants would be as glued to their sets

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Another hour of SportsCenter over, the broadcast has passed across the land and off at the speed of light to the far reaches of the solar system. The crew coming off the 6 p.m. show is pumped and look drained from the day's effort. "That was big stuff," Bernstein says. "They'll be talking about that for a long time."
Other than reviewing the show and slotting the leftover segments that are still usable into the next day's lineup, the day's work is done for the 6 p.m. SportsCenter crew. Cohn, Scott and the other anchors, producers and PAs for the later shows have now taken over the workstations in the SportsCenter newsroom. The noise level is starting to build again. The 30,000th broadcast is not too far down the road. "SportsCenter goes until infinity," says Walsh. "There's always another day in sports out there to enjoy." And because of that, at the end of the day, millions of fans will tune into SportsCenter to find out what happened on the field and off.
Marc Wortman, a freelance writer living in New Haven, Connecticut, writes often for Cigar Aficionado.
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