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Man Hunter

A personal tragedy led John Walsh to become one of America's most dedicated crime fighters and the host of "America's Most Wanted."
Mervyn Rothstein
From the Print Edition:
Bo Derek, Jul/Aug 00

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Until this moment, Walsh has been forceful, positive and strong. But now one question, one hypothetical query, will for a brief but telling moment change that impression, will reveal the pain beneath the strength, the anguish that powers this resilient man.  

Is it right to assume that if he could go back and change that one day, that one event, he would gladly give up everything he has accomplished since?   There is silence. His eyes glaze, moisture forms, his voice chokes, then breaks.   "Everything," he says, in a barely audible whisper. "In a minute. I wouldn't want anybody to walk in my shoes. For anything."   Silence again. But not for long.   "I gotta go to work," he says, rising and striding powerfully out the door.   He is, after all, John Walsh. Manhunter.

Mervyn Rothstein is an editor at The New York Times.

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