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Internal Compulsion: Model Car Maker Andy Mathews

Building Miniature Cars From More Than 3,000 Handmade Pieces, Model Maker Andy Mathews Is Obsessed with Detail
Ken Shouler
From the Print Edition:
Claudia Schiffer, Jul/Aug 97

(continued from page 3)

He has been written up in magazines such as The Robb Report and the European bible of racing, Motor Sport. His work is internationally known. "It's very odd," Mathews says. "I started this business in a horrible recession in 1990 and I never, ever had a problem selling them. My problem has always been that I can never seem to build them quickly enough to realize a profit. The reason being is that I am so anal about getting it right. My hourly rate is about minimum wage."

When the painstaking work gets to be too much, Mathews pushes away from the workbench, gulps some fresh air and comes back. "I've taken up rollerblading," he says. "And that's been the best thing for my modeling." Even his parents, who once wished for his return to a 9-to-5 job, are gradually accepting his work. Time spent versus profits realized certainly creates a dilemma in an artist's life. Over the long course, solutions to these difficulties do arise. People with Mathews' brand of devotion usually win the race.

Ken Shouler, a frequent contributor to Cigar Aficionado from White Plains, New York, is the author of The Experts Pick Basketball's Best 50 Players in the Last 50 Years (AllSports Books, 1997).

(Andy Mathews and Exotics in Scale can be contacted at 215/878-6407 or faxed at 610/664-1028.)

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