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Humidors: How They Stack Up

David Savona, Brendan Vaughan
From the Print Edition:
Wayne Gretzky, Mar/Apr 97

(continued from page 8)

The designer of this humidor had some interesting ideas, but the execution is flawed. The hinge mechanism is cleverly hidden, but it creaks when opening and is improperly calibrated. Another creative touch is the coffin-like lid, which is fitted on the inside with wooden holders for the Credo and the hygrometer. Again, the execution is imperfect. While the lip of the holder keeps the Credo in place, it obstructs part of the humidity source. The large box kept cigars in fine condition, but, given its flaws and its price tag, that seems small consolation.

Humidors by Design
Sapele 2110-019/$750
(208) 939-4988

Capacity: 125
Interior: Honduras mahogany
Humidification: Credo Epsilon
Details: Tray, four dividers, lock and two keys, brass handles
Score: C
(Note: this company is not related to By Design.)

This is an unsophisticated-looking piece, with prominent dovetails on the sides and a very old-fashioned look. It is extremely heavy and hard to lift. While it feels as if it will last, it could use some sprucing up. The inside lid is barren, with only a bare Credo. The tray, which is made of unfinished mahogany, was not designed properly, and swelled during the test. We struggled to remove it on several occasions. Lifting it out is a good workout, as is carrying the box around. The humidity levels were around 70 percent throughout the test, but the cigars on the bottom of the tray were a bit dry, indicating that the air is not circulating as well as it should.

(702) 588-8456

Capacity: 75
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: The Ultimate Cigar Protector
Details: One removable divider, tray with stationary divider, analog hygrometer
Score: C

This is a dark walnut box with dovetail joints at the corners. The lid has odd striations of conflicting wood grains. Inside, the corners of the cedar insert are poorly jointed, and the tray seems cheaply made. The humidifier slides firmly onto a strip of plastic attached to the inside of the lid, but the cigars were kept in barely smokable condition.

Mom's Cigars
Mark 100/$295
(800) 831-8893

Capacity: 100
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Credo Precision 70
Details: Two adjustable dividers, no hygrometer
Score: C

Made of mahogany, this rustic humidor may have scored higher had its Credo stayed affixed to the inside of the lid. Instead, it repeatedly fell onto the cigars. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected by drilling a small mount to the inside of the lid. As for the box itself, the construction is adequate; the hardware is tacky. You get what you pay for.

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