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Humidors: How They Stack Up

David Savona, Brendan Vaughan
From the Print Edition:
Wayne Gretzky, Mar/Apr 97

(continued from page 5)

This is a heavy-duty humidor with a traditional look. A raised rectangle on the lid lends it a jewelry-box character, and routed finger holds on the sides are the only other flourish. Inside it has solid, durable-looking joints and sturdy hinges. The analog hygrometer, which is fairly accurate, sits in a wooden mount that matches the exterior wood (African Padauk). Two significant flaws prevented the HH120 from scoring higher. In addition to the box running a bit humid throughout the test, the lid doesn't lie flat unless you lock the humidor, and even then it's not perfect.

House of Lords
(800) 632-2228

Capacity: 100
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Credo Precision 70
Details: Two adjustable dividers, tray, analog hygrometer, lock and key
Score: B-

This was the only humidor in our test with a leather exterior. It's a conservative brown box that kept cigars in decent condition, but the construction is lacking. Toward the end of the test, the cedar insert was starting to split at the joints. One divider fit well, the other was loose. The key clashes with the humidor and doesn't fit snugly into the lock.

601 Black Walnut/$290
(800) 783-3481

Capacity: 35-50
Interior: White cedar
Humidification: Humidif Accurate System
Details: One adjustable divider, analog hygrometer
Score: B-

This small, run-of-the-mill humidor is short on aesthetics but long on value. The walnut veneer is marred by patches of cloudiness and the divider is a rough, unadorned strip of cedar. But it's well made with solid hardware, and it kept cigars in good shape. At $290, it's a decent buy.

Island Humidors
Standard C Series South American Rosewood/$460
(718) 966-5616

Capacity: 75-100
Interior: Solid Spanish cedar
Humidification: Hydromist Humidity Control System
Details: Two adjustable dividers, no hygrometer
Score: B-

This straightforward box kept cigars beautifully humidified, but a lingering glue smell affected their flavor. The smell dissipated over time, but it's something to look out for--use this humidor for at least one month before adding any precious smokes. The humidor is nicely constructed, with well-fitted joints and a near-perfect seam between the lid and the box. The hinges, however, seem susceptible to the strain of repeated opening and closing. Also, the entire bottom should be lined with a stabilizing material such as felt; this box is secured by just a single patch of felt at each corner.

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