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Humidors: How They Stack Up

David Savona, Brendan Vaughan
From the Print Edition:
Wayne Gretzky, Mar/Apr 97

(continued from page 2)

This a gorgeous and distinctive box. Low and wide, with an exterior of dark, swirling burl, it immediately captures your eye. This is one of the few that live up to their promises of capacity. You can truly hold 100 cigars inside, or even 32 Montecristo As. The tray and the six dividers make it easy to accommodate any cigar smoker, even with the most eclectic of tastes. The Perrenoud humidification system is perhaps the lowest maintenance system available. It kept our cigars in perfect condition throughout the test. It will hold water for months, but take care when refilling. Unlike Credos, these have vents only on one side. Overfill it and you're likely to get a lap full of water. The finished wood interior is a detractor to some purists, who insist on Spanish cedar for aging, but this is an exceptional piece.

Daniel Marshall
(800) 923-2889

Capacity: 125
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Daniel Marshall
Details: Hygrometer, brass plaque, two dividers, magnetic calendar, water bottle, five Daniel Marshall cigars
Score: B+ Best Buy

At home in any room, with any decor, the straightforward Ambiente is a workhorse with style. It's also the best bargain in the market. The finish is not up to the level of the luxury models, but the box is sleek and charming in its simplicity, and its performance was superb, keeping our cigars silky and perfect. Despite the low price, the Ambiente has several nice extras that many of the more expensive pieces lack, including a magnetic calendar to remind you when to refill and recharge the humidification device, as well as an elegant hygrometer. The manufacturer even throws in five of his private-label cigars. It has some rough spots, but the performance and price of the Ambiente easily outweigh any minor flaws. It's hard to beat this value.

Michael Dixon
C Model Bubinga/ $1,000
(301) 432-6131

Capacity: 75-100
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Humigar Moistener
Details: Hygrometer, two dividers, water bottle
Score: B+

An attractive humidor with interesting, compelling inlays. The finish could be more refined and some of the veneers are rather roughly fitted. It has a plain interior, with an unattractive hygrometer. The humidity was erratic at the beginning of our test, but after one refill it evened out. At the end of the test, the cigars were in very good shape. Covering the entire bottom with felt, rather than the four small pads that are used, would be an improvement. The Michael Dixon has neither the luster nor the panache of the top humidors in this test, but it's appealing and functional.

S.T. Dupont
Macassar Ebony/$635
(800) 341-7003

Capacity: 25
Interior: Unfinished mahogany
Humidification: Credo Rondo
Details: Hygrometer, one divider
Score: B+ (preliminary)

Stylish and classy, this is a beautifully manufactured piece. Every corner fits perfectly and the lid is married to the rest of the box. It's very attractive, with a beveled edge of blond wood that contrasts nicely with the dark woods that dominate the piece. We'd like to see more humidification: the Credo Rondo might provide enough for this small box, but it will require refilling at least twice a month. Due to production shortages, we received the S.T. Dupont after the test had begun and could not fully judge its humidification capabilities. We also received a smaller model than we requested. Our rating is preliminary.

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