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Humidors: How They Stack Up

David Savona, Brendan Vaughan
From the Print Edition:
Wayne Gretzky, Mar/Apr 97

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Capacity: 75
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Credo Precision 70
Details: Two dividers, no hygrometer
Score: A

This humidor screams for your attention. Active veneers give it the illusion of motion and depth, along with a brilliant shine. The construction is top-notch inside and out, and our cigars were kept in fine condition throughout the test. Anticipating that the magnet holding the Credo would fall from the inside of the lid, the manufacturer created a clever cedar and metal box to hold the Credo in place, and dress it up as well. The metal grid, however, is a bit too industrial, and clashes with the humidor design. The box could benefit from a lock and a hygrometer, but it wins points for being one of the few that included proper seasoning instructions. A striking piece with superior performance.

Thuya 100/$1,095
(212) 888-4000

Capacity: 100
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: Dunhill
Details: Lock and two keys, two dividers, no hygrometer
Score: A

This Dunhill Thuya is exciting and well made, crafted from exotic veneers and inlays with a dark spotted pattern reminiscent of leopard skin. The inside is also attractive, with a heavy cedar aroma. We'd like the lid to seal better when it closes, and this is a rather small box for 100 cigars. The novel humidification system is just a shade gimmicky, and it can be awkward for some to use. Filling it takes some dexterity. You have to balance the device like a scale in one hand, and squeeze distilled water into tiny holes using the other. The humidor performed very well, with one refill during the test. Our cigars were in excellent shape. This is a piece that is built to last.

No. 2 Natural Mahogany/$2,400
(203) 323-5811

Capacity: 100
Interior: Gaboon (an African wood)
Humidification: Davidoff (two units)
Details: Three adjustable dividers, tray with three adjustable dividers, no hygrometer, lock and key, water bottle
Score: A-

This is a gorgeous, impeccably engineered box. The construction and detailing are first-rate, from the snug fit of the dividers and the seam of the lid down to the stylish lock and handles. Davidoff's patented humidification system is excellent, but because the interior wood doesn't absorb moisture as quickly as Spanish cedar, it's a good idea to keep at least 20 cigars in the humidor. A sliding marker on the humidifier lets you know when you last added water. Another classy touch is a magnet for cutter storage on the inside of the lid. This box is expensive but worth it.

Michel Perrenoud
100 Cigar Humidor in Elm Burl/$2,300
(201) 778-1194

Capacity: 100
Interior: Finished sealed mahogany
Humidification: Michel Perrenoud
Details: Tray, six dividers, lock and key
Score: A-

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