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Fantasy Fervor

Fantasy football is scoring with millions of obsessive NFL fans competing for bragging rights and more
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
William Shatner, Sept/Oct 2006

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The concierge level: Hire a spokesmodel to man the board and put up the labels for you. Extra points: Bring a laptop into which you've downloaded the Draft Dominator from and let the experts ID the best talent remaining in each round.

The basics: Fantasy football drafts need some form of alcohol. (If a coach slips up, trying to draft a player who is already taken, he should be forced to drink.) At the bare minimum, there should be copious amounts of good, cold beer.

The concierge level: Serve premium amber spirits—single-barrel Bourbon is preferred, given that these drafts typically take place in August. Use a car service to get to and from the draft.

The basics: Art Rooney built a Steel Curtain football dynasty while chomping on cigars. Do you know more about football than Mr. Rooney? I didn't think so. Make sure you have a cigar while drafting. Sitting there befuddled while it's your turn on the board makes you look foolish, but if you take a contemplative tug of your lit cigar, your competition will think you're a master, pondering strategy.

The concierge level: The draft is a time- consuming affair. This is the night to take out that "A" you've had for a while.

Extra points: Bring a box of cigars for your fellow coaches. They might remember the favor when it comes time for a midseason trade.

The basics: To know everything about fantasy football, you need to watch all the games, and that means NFL Sunday Ticket. This satellite TV package gives you every NFL game for $280 a year.

The concierge level: DirecTV's new SuperFan package ($99 more) gives you even more football: you can watch the Red Zone Channel, which skips from scoring play to scoring play; Game Mix, which allows you to have up to eight live broadcasts at one time on one screen; and Short Cuts, which lets you watch an entire NFL game in only 30 minutes (time-outs and other distractions are edited out).

The basics: Sure, it's nice to win the $200 pot in your neighborhood league, but nothing is sweeter than hoisting a championship trophy. Crown Awards ( has a vast selection, and most can be customized.

The concierge level: If you're running the league, make sure you also celebrate mediocrity. Give the basement dwellers "participant" ribbons, certificates of achievement or Pop Warner pins.

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Comments   2 comment(s)

Leslie Love May 26, 2011 12:58pm ET

I won a Fantasy Baseball competition one and I want more than bragging rights! I want some award plaques. Something tangible to back up my bragging.

David Savona May 26, 2011 4:36pm ET

Fair enough! I have a few trophies of my own, so I understand completely. Our league also began a jacket ceremony similar to The Masters. Only the jacket is the most garish thing imaginable.

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