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Between his roles in mostly romantic comedies, the witty, urbane British actor Hugh Grant loves a testy game of golf.

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"I'm obsessed and it's destroying my life. I'm fascinated by golf addiction, but I can't quite identify what is the most addictive element. I've decided it's the physical sensation when, in a rare moment, you hit the ball flush in the middle of the club. The only thing that comes close— well, I was taught to play piano and it's the vibration when you hit a beautiful chord."
Besides golf, he devotes himself to watching sports on TV—primarily soccer and cricket—and to surfing the Internet: "The computer definitely challenges the TV for addiction," he says.
Meanwhile, there's that upcoming 50th birthday. It seems like an impossibly advanced age, Grant says, given how old he feels.
"It's deeply depressing," he says, with a twinkle. "That's how I feel about that. I've got so much I haven't done yet. I've been a master of the snooze button in my life."
Marshall Fine is an author and film critic whose work can be found at
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