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Kevin Costner Charts His Own Course

The veteran actor tackles a comedy role that never strays from his career-long ambition: having fun and telling a good story.
David Giammarco
From the Print Edition:
Kevin Costner, July/August 2008

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When it comes to creating richly textured characters, Costner says nothing beats a good cigar. "They're probably the greatest acting prop ever invented...way better than cigarettes," he says with a laugh. "You can say so much in a scene when a character is smoking a cigar or holding it in his hand. "Also, the fatter the cigar, the better it is on-screen," he adds. "But they should always be half burned down to really work well on camera. If it's too long, it looks like you're having a baby!"

As the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean, and a warm breeze blows across the shore, Costner inhales the refreshing sea air and reflects upon his film legacy. He remains proud of the many risks he's taken. And he remains proud that when the going got tough, he was able to pick himself up, dust himself off and saddle up with the same dogged determination and stoicism as the Western screen heroes he idolized as a child.

"The fact that I have about eight or nine movies that people will always come up to me and tell me are their favorite films," he says, "is what's most rewarding to me. And these days, it's not just adults, but kids that come up to tell me that too. I feel really good about that. I really feel good that my movies have had so many touchstones with different people, and have attracted a whole new generation of fans... "That's what movies are really all about," Costner says with a smile.

David Giammarco is a leading print and broadcast journalist based in Toronto and Los Angeles.

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