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Cuban Davidoffs

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Ambassadrice: This is always a lovely panetela to smoke with medium-bodied, rich coffee and milk-chocolate aromas and flavors, and a long fresh aftertaste. Their only drawback is that they sometimes are a little rough to draw. -88
2000: Mellow and rich, the 2000 is a full-bodied cigar with lots of spicy nutty character and opulent flavors in the aftertaste. -91
3000: An easy, rich cigar with the fine draw and lovely construction. With each draw it delivers more and more flavor. -89
Château Margaux: Burns wonderfully. This cigar is packed with rich tobacco flavor yet remains refined. It's medium-bodied with a cedarlike tobacco character and a wonderful draw.-92
Château Mouton-Rothschild: A big voluptuous cigar with round and rich leather tobacco character and a wonderful draw. -94
4000: The surprise of the tasting, the 4000 is a knockout with spellbinding aromas and flavors of cedars and tobacco. It's an absolutely seductive smoke. -97
No.2: Full-bodied and rich for such an elegant-looking cigar, the No.2 burns wonderfully and delivers plenty of flavor. -93
Château Haut-Brion: This has always been a powerful smoke for such a little cigar. Sometimes we find the Haut-Brion a little overpowering but it can be a great quick cigar following a big meal. -86
Aniversario 80: This cigar was made to celebrate Zino Davidoff's 80th birthday. It is generous and rich with full-bodied flavors of cedar and tobacco, yet it remains refined on the palate. -99
Dom Perignon: The DP has always been a favorite, a bench mark for Churchill-sized cigars. It's full-bodied with intense spicy, earthy cocoa character that continues through the last puff. -96
No.1: Medium-bodied and firmly constructed, the No.1 delivers exotic aromas and flavors with hints of leather and tobacco. -94
Château Latour: A wonderfully rich cigar with loads of cedar, tobacco character and fine even burn. -94
Guy Buscema Calvisson, Gard, France, October 7, 2013 3:01pm ET
Davioff was 100% Cuban, today It's just a seed.Bordeaux or Burgundy, It's still French wines, not as If It was from elsewhere in the world . That said, Cuban Tobacco IS the best in the world no matter what Is said. And I'm not Communist,But who cares . Even If Cuba Is Communist or Democrat , It will always have the best Tobacco.
Guy Buscema,

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