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Bring Your Own Cigar?

When going to a cigar lounge or bar, should you purchase a cigar from the establishment, or is it OK to bring your own?
Posted: August 11, 2014

It's fine to bring your own, but be aware of the law.

If a cigar lounge does not have a policy against bringing your own smokes, by all means bring them, but be sure to partake in the other amenities the lounge has to offer, such as fine spirits and rich cuisine. Don't expect to be welcomed if you simply wander in with your own cigar and ask for a tall glass of water. You are paying for the experience of indoor smoking—something of a rarity these days.

Try to stay informed of the local smoking policies in your city and state. Some laws, such as the one instituted in New York City, require that a certain percentage of a cigar bar's revenue come from the sale of tobacco to remain smoke-friendly. To keep your beloved cigar bar afloat in such a climate, it is necessary to purchase from the house every now and then.

Some, notably New York's Club Macanudo, require that patrons—if they have not rented one of the club's humidors—buy a cigar.

Don't begrudge the policy. Besides being a nice courtesy, your purchase could help keep the doors open for your fellow smokers. It's a small price to pay to keep a good cigar lounge in town.

Use our Where to Smoke browser app and find a cigar-friendly venue near you.

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Jacob Howlett — Battle Ground, Washington, USA,  —  November 20, 2014 10:49pm ET

I've always felt it's respectful to buy a cigar from the lounge I'm visiting. It's an integral part of the overall experience. Today great cigar lounges are so rare it's a way to say thank you for the opportunity and the experience.

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