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Bo Derek: "10" Into One

On her own two years after her husband's death, Bo Derek, the original "10," is forging a new path.

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Out on the trail, completely in her element, she explains her passion. "It's not the riding, or that I'm getting from here to there. I don't have to ride. I can just go out and groom a horse or muck manure. There is something about it. When you have a horse that even recognizes you, or does something that is extremely generous or kind it's really, really rare. A dog would leave his pack to be with a human. He will choose a human over his own species. Horses would never do that. Never. Most of the time we're a big inconvenience in their life. They would rather just be out in the herd nibbling away and grazing and having their own interactions with each other. We separate them. We pull them out. Most of the time we make their lives miserable, so when you develop a bond with your horse, it's very special. It doesn't happen very often."   Bo rides off, alone and content. While Hollywood pundits muse if the milestone of 40 marks the death zone of a woman's viability as a sex symbol, the enduring appeal of Bo Derek will no doubt prove them wrong.
A frequent contributor to Cigar Aficionado, Alysse Minkoff lives in Beverly Hills, California.
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