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An Interview with Edgar M. Cullman Sr.

Chairman of the Culbro Corporation
Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Bill Cosby, Autumn 94

(continued from page 4)

C.A.: From a nickel-and-dime cigar to a...?

Cullman: To a 25-cent or 30-cent cigar. We bought Gradiaz Anis and we also bought the Temple Hall factory in Jamaica. We bought that in 1969.

C.A.: You bought the Temple Hall factory that owned the Macanudo name?

Cullman: It owned Macanudo, but hadn't made Macanudos for the U.S. market. They only made Temple Hall.

C.A.: So Macanudo was pretty much a nonexistent brand?

Cullman: It had been produced but in minimal quantities for the U.K. market. Actually, the factory had made Macanudo and Montecristo during World War Two because at that time they couldn't make enough cigars in Havana.

C.A.: Was the Temple Hall factory mainly a supplier for other brands or for its own brand?

Cullman: For their own brand. They also made export cigars for British American Tobacco (BAT).

C.A.: Was Temple Hall a well-known brand in those days?

Cullman: Not very. It was a very small factory, very unimportant. They made Creme de Jamaica.

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Comments   2 comment(s)

Ed Harvey — Auburn, WA, United States,  —  August 31, 2011 3:19am ET

Mr, Cullman you will be missed, and it would have been interesting to see, an updated interview, since things have changed quite a bit since this one was done, along with the loss of smoking rights, and the Cigar Industry in general...

Derek Wotton — Deltona , Florida ,  —  July 21, 2013 6:56pm ET

Wow a look into the past!

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