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An Interview With Guillermo León

President, León Jimenes Cigars
Gordon Mott
From the Print Edition:
Chuck Norris, Jul/Aug 98

(continued from page 11)

León: No, because we have some in inventory. There is no problem when they ask for more product. We ship it immediately. We still plan on meeting our target for 1998.

CA: Are there others?

León: Yes. We make a cigar for Lone Wolf. We made about 175,000 in 1997 and we expect to do about the same amount in 1998. MATASA makes one of their other labels.

CA: Do you make other private brands?

León: We make cigars for Daniel Marshall. It is not a large quantity. The brand is working well for Daniel.

CA: How much did you produce in '97?

León: Not much at all. Remember that he dedicates himself more to his humidors, so what it seems like he did was keep his humidors full of his product. We made about 175,000 units, and we'll make about 150,000 in 1998.

CA: So you are going to stay at about the same level, maybe a little less?

León: Yes. Based on my conversations in the last few weeks, I think we will maintain that level.

CA: Are those the major brands you produce?

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