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Cigar Furniture

When Your Cigar Collection Outgrows Your Tabletop Humidor's Capacity, It May Be Time for the Next Level
Shandana A. Durrani
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Winter 95/96

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Appearance: The unit is beautiful. The wood is finished nicely and the seal of the doors is secure. The brass hinges and handles are high quality.

Functionality: One needs full clearance on both sides of the unit to roll out the drawers. The unit required a longer break-in time because the humidity readings tended to be low even though we added distilled water a second time. The cedar inside tended to absorb the moisture and some of the cigars were still too dry.

Price: $8,500 and $11,000 / Grade: B-

Vigilant Reliance 1000

Appearance: The unit looks like a nightstand; it could fit in with a bedroom decor. The wood is of the finest quality and the finish is smooth and polished. The handles and locks are made of the finest brass. It has a beautiful appearance.

Functionality: The humidity readings tended to be high and some of the cigars were a little too moist. Therefore, it needs a longer break-in period. The lock adds a sense of security and the key turned easily. The drawer rolled out easily and is divided to separate loose cigars. The unit uses only a small amount of water. But, when the bottom of the unit is filled to capacity with boxed cigars, one has difficulty getting access to the water tray.

Price: $3,500 / Grade: B

Rothman Churchill and Club Imports Chairman

Appearance: This humidor has an attractive wood exterior. The inside trays are cedar-made. But the humidification device is unattractive. The two companies are making changes to the exterior and interior of the unit to make it work better and look better.

Functionality: Although the humidification device is unattractive, it seemed to do the job, reviving the dry cigars that we put into the unit. But the humidity readings were very high. The drawers roll out easily and have room for various sizes of cigars. But the door needs to be fully opened in order to pull out the trays and drawers, again a design flaw resulting in the need for additional space.

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