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When Your Cigar Collection Outgrows Your Tabletop Humidor's Capacity, It May Be Time for the Next Level
Shandana A. Durrani
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Winter 95/96

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The company also creates wine storage units and a combination wine/cigar unit called the Napoleon that holds 300 wine bottles and approx-imately 160 cigar boxes. Call (800) 777-8466 for further information.

Nat Sherman of New York also has a larger humidor on the market. The company's Cabinet Humidor is a work in lacquered mahogany walnut with brass hinges and handles. The interior of the unit is constructed of unfinished Spanish cedar. The 18-drawer model can hold a maximum of 1,000 cigars; the 10-drawer model can hold a little more than 300. There is also a main drawer to hold cigar-related accessories. At the top left of the unit is an LED indicator that informs you of the humidity inside the humidor. The 10-drawer model costs $8,500 and the 18-drawer model costs $11,000. Call (212) 246-5500 for more information.

Vigilant Inc., of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has created the Reliance 1000 cigar cabinet series. The unit, which resembles a nightstand, stands a little more than two feet high and is constructed of Honduran mahogany inlaid with clear Spanish cedar. The unit can hold a maximum of 1,000 cigars in two compartments, and it also has a drawer divided into two sections to carry loose cigars. A cupboard at the bottom of the Reliance 1000 holds your cigar box collection.

According to Vigilant, this series of humidors is designed from the ground up specifically for cigar storage, not wine storage, like some other companies. It has an adjustable electronic system that exhibits humidity levels through an LCD digital display inside the cupboard. An LED indicator lights up to advise you when you need to refill the water compartment.

This unit is available in two finishes: chestnut mahogany or cordovan mahogany. It comes in all-wood, glass top, glass door, or glass top and door models. The retail price is $3,500. Call (603) 436-8568 for a dealer near you.

Another unit that uses an electronic humidity system is the Rothman Churchill/Club Imports Chairman humidor. The furniture company joined forces with the cigar supplier to create a 1,000-capacity humidor, incorporating design suggestions from retailers. The unit that we saw is a preliminary version; the companies are updating the line. The humidor is constructed of solid Honduran mahogany with a Spanish cedar interior and brass hardware. Four drawers easily roll out to accommodate loose cigars, while a top drawer holds boxed cigars. The top drawer also houses a very utilitarian humidification unit, but Rothman Churchill and Club Imports report that they are upgrading it.

The duo plans to replace the humidification unit with a more attractive and efficient model. Presently, the door to the unit needs to be opened at a 180-degree angle for consumers to be able to pull out the drawers. The companies are fashioning new hinges so that the door can be opened at a 90-degree angle to allow access to the drawers. The door handles will be replaced with locking versions. Adjustable dividers in the drawers will let you maintain your smokes, and the top drawer will have an inset serving tray that lifts out. The seal inside the door will be upgraded. And, retailers and restaurateurs will have the option to order a glass-fronted model with racks. The unit currently goes for $3,990, but the changes will boost the price a few hundred dollars. Call (800) 292-2582 to order.

The final model tested by our staff is the Haverhill, Massachusetts, Cigar Chest Co.'s Showcase humidor. Standing two feet high, the Showcase is made of solid Honduran mahogany, cherry, bird's-eye maple or walnut. The unit, which holds more than 400 cigars, is glass-paneled on three sides, has brass hinges and handles and an interior of Spanish cedar. The "Humidisk" humidifying unit is a black, acrylic shell filled with phenolic foam and an adjustable cover. It fastens to the top of the inside of the unit and needs only 1/4 cup of distilled water. A Credo hygrometer comes with the Showcase as well. The Showcase retails for $690. Call (508) 521-3367 for further information.

As with any humidor, you should take humidity/temperature readings daily to ensure that your cigars remain in the best possible condition. Use a digital hygrometer rather than the dial hygrometers that come with most units; this ensures a more accurate reading.

With these innovators leading the pack with larger humidors, they are setting the standards for the industry. And, with the increase in cigar consumption and collecting, a growing number of aficionados are seeking the greater capacity these manufacturers provide.

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