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Cigar Cases

Michael Frank
From the Print Edition:
cigar case, Summer 93

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All of the humidors tested for this report were very well made. Variations occurred most often in capacity (from five to 40 cigars) and humidification. The capacity of a humidor is not directly related to its outward dimensions. For example: The Dunhill in this test is slimmer and slightly wider than the Davidoff, yet it holds ten cigars and the Davidoff only carries five. If you plan on being out of town for more than a few days but only have a limited amount of luggage space, the Dunhill might be a better model. In general, then, be aware both of how many cigars you want to take with you and how many pairs of socks you won't be packing if you buy a bigger humidor.

As usual, Davidoff models feature excellent, carefree humidifiers, as do the Michel Perrenoud boxes (which use similar technology as Davidoff). Others simply need more attention--and this might mean spending time filling bottles when you'd rather be lying on the beach.

Caring for a travel humidor requires more attention than necessitated by a standard desk model. When you travel, the humidifier should be maintained as often as required to keep your cigars moist. Don't let them dry out before adding more water to the humidifier. And when you're flying, put the unit in your carry-on bag to prevent damage caused by baggage handlers and the relentlessly cold temperatures your luggage endures in the unheated belly of the plane--cold kills cigars. Finally, don't forget to put the box into its cotton or velvet bag (most come with one) for safer stowage. The bag will protect the wood and leather and will prevent the box from opening accidentally.

If all goes well, both you and your cigars wit[ arrive in fine condition, ready to smoke away the troubles of an all-too-fast modern age.

Travel Humidors

The six humidors tested below are not necessarily all of the products offered by their manufacturers. Rather, these boxes were chosen by their makers as appropriate representatives for our test.

The test was meant to simulate the length of an average vacation, lasting about eight days. Humidors were "broken-in" (we wiped down the interiors with a damp cloth and loaded regulators with distilled water 24 hours before adding cigars to let the wood absorb moisture from the regulators, not the cigars), and then standard Churchill cigars (7 inch by 47 ring gauge) were added. Capacity measurements mentioned below are based on the same Churchill size for each humidor.


This humidor, which also comes in calfskin ($990), is beautifully made, with elegant wood both inside and out. But it only holds five cigars. Davidoff will not increase the capacity of this box by using a smaller regulator, but a bit more room for cigars would make this a flawless box instead of just a good one. That said, Davidoff makes travel humidors that hold 25 cigars-which is as big as they come. The Thuya Brilliant finish is $1,070, and the Gaboon is an excellent value at $520. Both come with a unique inner tray which minimizes damage to cigars while in transit.

Davidoff Red Mahogany: $410
Davidoff of Geneva (800) 328-4365

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