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A Conversation with Partagás's Abel Expósito Diaz

Manager of the Partagás Store, Havana, Cuba
CA Editors
From the Print Edition:
Vince McMahon, Nov/Dec 99

(continued from page 1)

Expósito: Yes. And, of course, we ordered mostly Partagas Serie D cigars, Bolivars, and torpedos in all their manifestations.

CA: What happened to Ramon Allones Specially Selected? They're so hard to find nowadays.

Expósito: Well, they are hard to find, but I'm optimistic. I think this new situation is going to bring a solution for many of those brands that sometimes disappear for several years, or that are produced in small quantities.

CA: Probably the most exclusive Cuban cigar ever produced, and the thing that is most in demand, happened right under your nose: the Partagas Salomon cigars. [Editor's note: Salomon cigars are large perfectos, tapered on both ends.] They were produced strictly for one retailer in Germany. Will there be a follow-up to that cigar?

Expósito: No, those cigars are not being made at present. Customers liked them very much, of course.

CA: Before the appearance of Salomon, whenever anyone asked Habanos for a special cigar, the answer was "no." They always said, "We don't do anything special."

Expósito: That type of cigar is a very special cigar, and not all rollers know how to make them. The finish is a bit difficult.

CA: You have to be a very special roller to make it. How many rollers at the Partagas factory are capable of crafting that shape?

Expósito: About 10 people make them.

CA: In your store, what's the most popular of the new brands?

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