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A Conversation with Nestor Miranda

The founder of Miami Cigar & Co. talks about the rise, fall and rebirth of his Don Lino brand.
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
David Caruso, Jan/Feb 2007

(continued from page 10)

A: We have Cameroon in the filler blend. So when I went to Nicaragua, we started making blends. I told the blender, "Why don't we use a leaf of Cameroon in the blend?" No one had ever done that before. I tried it and I said, "This is it." It has oily Nicaraguan wrapper, we use Costa Rican, we use Dominican, we use Cameroon. I understand some of the empty boxes are [being] sold. It costs much more than regular boxes.

Q: Describe the roles your family plays?

A: Danny is vice president of sales, my wife is president of the company and I am just the director.

Q: Have you always been that way?

A: Always. I don't go by titles. I go by the end-of-the-month sales, and the profit that we make.

Q: How is the company doing?

A: We are doing great. We have a great future ahead of us. I think we're going to go for a long time.

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