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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Catherine Zeta-Jones, September/October 2009

(continued from page 2)

Unfortunately, I didn't find any of the specific cigars at the local shop, but the guide helped me settle on coronas. Previous to reading your magazine, I didn't even know the names for different sizes.

Keep those issues coming!

Mark Scheuer
Vienna, Virginia

Dear Marvin,
I'm 20 years old and pay for school and cigars primarily through online poker. Anyhow, a couple of buddies and I went out to buy some cigars. After seeing the prices, a price-savvy first-time smoker in our group proudly declared that you can get five cigars for the price of one at a gas station down the road.

Not wanting to ruin his savings (we are in a recession after all) we did not argue. He proceeded to purchase some good ol' Dutch Masters. When we went to smoke later that night after a poker game, he began to cut his already precut 89 cent stick, light it with a Bic, and inhale all of that uniquely trademarked Dutch Masters smoke.

Moral of the story: thank you Cigar Aficionado for making me "not that guy."

Nick C. Unser
St. Louis, Missouri
(Submitted via Cigar Aficionado's Facebook page)

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