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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Catherine Zeta-Jones, September/October 2009

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At Fuente's own store, Casa Fuente in Las Vegas, they sell it for $40.00 per stick. Here on Long Island, you can buy them for $25.00 each (when they are in stock, which is rare), but even then my cigar shop only allows me to buy no more than two at a time. Where do you shop? At $16.00 each, I'll take two boxes right now.

Eric S. Rosenblum
Levittown, New York

Editor's Note: Eric, the prices we list are manufacturer's suggested retail. Prices vary from state to state because of local taxes and other variables, including a retailer's decision to charge a markup premium. But the facts are the facts.

Dear Marvin,
Last month I had asked if it would be possible for you to commission a listing of cigars by worldwide sales volumes to confirm the Montecristo No. 4 is the best-selling cigar in the world. Was I out of line in making such a request to you? I tried to be cordial.

I really don't understand your ranking system. If something is the best, what do arbitrary scores of flavor, color and texture have to do with the determination that demand for anything is dictated by money spent in pursuit of it? That being said, would you please publish the listing of cigars by worldwide sales conversions to British Pound or Swiss Franc?

For a cigar, the worldwide sales (currency amount) should dictate the ranking system for global cigar demand. This ensures the most sought after cigar is published as the most purchased by currency amount spent on that particular cigar in comparison to all other cigars available in the world.

The $700.00 cigar that sells at auction wouldn't even rank in your listing of 10,000 due to the fact it only sells a few times a year. Montecristo No. 4 will rank at the top because nearly $1 billion is spent per year purchasing that particular cigar, distributing approximately 150 boxes of it weekly to a little more than 100 countries (except to the United States).

Rob Scott
Houston, Texas

Editor's Note: Uhh, we don't know what to say. In our analysis, the biggest selling cigar is always the one that sells the most units. Price, in that comparison, is irrelevant. As for currency conversions, we suggest you find a currency converter online.

Dear Marvin,
I'm a relatively novice cigar smoker, and this is my first year of subscribing to Cigar Aficionado. The latest issue kept me riveted during my long flight to and from Moscow, so many thanks. I tried to use the ratings as a guide for deciding on cigars for my wife's and my 40th birthday celebration.

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