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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Entourage, July/August 2009

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Dear Marvin, I'm a cigar-loving subscriber, and a fan of the good life. I regard my subscription as something like a fine cigar lounge, delivered regularly to my home. I like nothing better than to relax with my copy, smoking a cigar and sipping a good whiskey.

However, as sometimes happens with a favorite haunt, there's been, of late, something of a fly in my ointment. Have you ever enjoyed a really nice place to hang out? Good cigars, convivial atmosphere, abundant bonhomie? It becomes your favorite club. There's a guy there; always the center of attention. Sharp dresser, good taste, well-spoken, the life and soul of the party. Then, one day, he starts banging on about his new hobby. At first, you listen with interest. Then, after a while, you realize that you don't actually care for his new hobby at all. Eventually, someone has to tell him he's being both a boor and a bore. So, it falls to me.

Cigar Aficionado, you have become a golf bore. Can I please request that you give the golf a rest for a while?

Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, old chum. Let's go and light one up together. I'll buy you a drink and then we can move on with no hard feelings.

Kevin Kealy Tucson, AZ

Editor's Note: Kevin, we know you're not a lover of golf. But if there's one last bastion of cigar-smoking, it's on the golf course. True, we love the game. But we see it as another way to preserve a place where cigars are welcomed. I'm sure you'll find other stories to read; skip the golf editorial.

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