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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Entourage, July/August 2009

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Dear Marvin, I just thought it would be interesting to point out that the U.S. government is using Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to incarcerate people who have been kidnapped from foreign lands, and has been using this American naval base for the purposes of torture and humiliation. How are we better than Castro? Does it turn out that he's really better than we?

The Cuban exile community in south Florida cares nothing for the Cuban people; they only care about their hatred for Castro, who effectively disenfranchised them. In fact, these elitists never cared about the Cuban people, even before the revolution. Immediately previous to this, they were actively in the process of handing over that island to well-established and well-known American crime figures, and the common Cuban citizen would never have seen a penny of those ill-gotten gains.

James R. Brennan Santa Monica, CA

Editor's Note: There is a growing sentiment in the Cuban-American community that it is time to change U.S. government policy toward their homeland. While some of the anger and hatred will never go away, it is clear that many people are beginning to believe it is time to end the embargo and restore normal relations.

Dear Marvin, I was very disappointed reading your articles about Cuba. I love their cigars but I wouldn't sell my soul for them.

Just for you to understand why your position is so wrong, I suggest you read the articles again, but this time, subsitute Castro, for Hitler, Cuba for Germany, the 50s for the 30s, the Cuban people for the Jewish people, and I am sure you will realize pretty soon that something is wrong with your idea. And Hitler only lasted 12 years, Castro lasted 50!

I am not Cuban or Jewish, but I love freedom, and the right for people to have it. Dictators like Hitler and Castro do not deserve favorable articles in your magazine. Was Hitler a consequence of America's mistakes, as it is suggested in your magazine? No way!

I hope you recognize your mistake in future editions.

Alfredo M. Blanco Coconut Grove, FL

Editor's Note: Alfredo, you have confused our Cuba position with a belief that we are only adopting it for commercial reasons. And, it is simply wrong to suggest that you can make comparisons between Cuba and World War II. Our whole position is based on a belief that after 50 years of failure, it is time to try to another approach to bring about change inside Cuba.

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