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HBO's Boys of Summer

The hit show "Entourage" enters its sixth season in 2009 with more stories of male bonding and outrageous fun.
Marshall Fine
From the Print Edition:
Entourage, July/August 2009

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"When we made the pilot, I had no idea what Episode 2 was going to be," he says. "I make it up as I go along. The show has grown in ways I never would have anticipated. If you had told me that Turtle would wind up dating a hot actress [Jamie-Lynn Sigler of "Sopranos" fame], I'd have said you were out of your mind."

Vince Chase gets the rising-star treatment in the show's first episode, with the impending release of his first major film, Head On. But instead of tracing Wahlberg's upward trajectory, Vince charts an unsteady, obstacle-strewn course, never seeming able to do anything the easy way.

Vince remains the group's calm, cool nucleus, though he does give in to momentary panic near the end of the last season, when his career seems to hit bottom. But in the closing moments of the final episode, Martin Scorsese calls to cast Vince as the title character in a Great Gatsby remake.

"Vince's Zen approach to life really expresses how best to navigate this world, because it is a fleeting experience," says Grenier, 32. "It's easy to get lost, to feel inadequate.

"Vince has had some difficult times. This season, he's actually able to appreciate the fun he's had in the past because he's been through moments of difficulty. This year, he's got a new joy and relish, which comes with the perspective of having gone through difficult times. It makes him enjoy the good times more."

Over the first five seasons, the winds of Vince's fortune buffet the other characters—even as they try to create careers for themselves. As Vince's best friend, Eric starts out as the one person Vince could trust, becomes Vince's manager (much to the consternation of Vince's agent, Ari) and now has spread his wings to become a talent manager with other clients as well.

"I'd like to see him climb more of the corporate ladder," Connolly, 35, says of his character. "They should have him be a true player. E gets pushed around, but he's also done good stuff that he didn't get credit for. In 10 years, I hope he's running a studio."

Turtle is the guy with the hook-up, whether it's for a sponsorship deal that allows him to throw Vince a lavish party or a way for Johnny Drama to get a prescription for medicinal marijuana. But he tires of being the guy without a real job, beyond Vince's gofer. Though Turtle tries managing a rapper briefly—and works for a single day as Johnny Drama's personal assistant—Ferrara wishes they'd give Turtle a real career to dive into.

"I'd like to see him get some kind of a business of his own," Ferrara says. "I'd like to hear more of his back story. Although I do envy Turtle his laziness: I can't be that lazy."

Both Ferrara and Connolly refer to "Entourage" as a rarity: a show that worked right from the start and keeps on working, building popularity while maintaining quality over several seasons.

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