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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Jay-Z, May/June 2009

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Dear Marvin,
I am a longtime subscriber of Cigar Aficionado and have never thrown out an edition. Today I was surprised to read in your letters pages [April 2009] a letter from someone who's off the wall. The reader and writer (I guess former reader now) says you should "print Cigar Aficionado in Spanish and sell it in Cuba."

Forgive me and pardon me, if I just say that this now former reader should go and screw himself. That last issue was one of your best!

Not only do I subscribe myself, but I make sure I always give a gift subscription of Cigar Aficionado to one of my friends in the hope that he will pass on a gift himself at some future point. Please keep up the good work.

Larry M. Cohen
Utica, New York

Editor's note: Thanks, Larry. We like to believe we have built a big tent where all our readers' opinions are respected. But we can't please all of them. And, we do believe it's time for a change of our Cuba policy.

Dear Marvin,
I am currently stationed in Afghanistan, with the "Centaur" Battalion. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, I sometimes find it difficult to relax. I have tried watching movies, playing video games, surfing the Net and reading books. None of those pastimes are as relaxing as getting together with a few of your soldier buddies, "brothers," to chat about the good times back home while enjoying a big ol' cigar. It seems to be the only time when we can escape the reality that we are living in at this time.

Just the other day I was lying in my "B HUT" in Afghanistan (basically a wood building with four walls), reading the June 2008 issue of Cigar Aficionado. I personally enjoyed the article "The Mind of a Tiger." Tiger Woods is the best at what he does because he is physically conditioned as well as mentally conditioned for his profession as well as in his daily life. We as military service members must be just as mentally conditioned as we are physically conditioned to perform our job. Unfortunately, nothing can fully prepare anyone to witness his fellow soldier/brother losing his life right beside you. It seems to me that no matter what your profession might be, it is essential that each person is mentally prepared to be able to tackle any situation that may come his way. If at any time my soldiers and I are not mentally prepared, it could easily cost us our lives.

While reading the June issue, a smile was brought to my face when I read the letter from Bill Weeks from Knoxville, Tennessee, in the "Out of the Humidor" section. I really enjoyed his letter on how he wishes more people would appreciate the sacrifice of the military members and their families. The letter only got better when I found out that he was a Centaur as well. So, Bill Weeks from Knoxville, Tennessee, all of us here from the First Battalion, Sixth Field Artillery, 1st Infantry Division in Afghanistan, we salute you and give you a roaring "HOOAH!" For those of you who do not know what that means, ask the next Army guy you see. I bet he would be honored to tell you. Thanks again for such a fantastic magazine.

Joel Sabella
Temple, Texas

Dear Marvin,
I enjoy your magazine and wish to thank you for it. Also, I would like to tell you that I am a cigar expert, with many years of experience. In fact, there isn't much that I don't know about cigars.

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