The PGA's Players with Pizzazz

Some professional golfers are not cookie-cutter people with robot-like personalities, and they bring those sometimes off-the-wall qualities to every tournament.

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Now he seems to be figuring out how to push himself into the upper echelon of the game. Inside the ropes he isn't Swedish or Indian. "Then I'm just me," he says. "I don't think your heritage has anything to do with how you think. You think in golf, the language of golf."
Golf is the most individual of sports, and it sports the most individuals. While fans roam courses and park themselves in front of televisions to watch players of extraordinary talent, those players are doing much more than booming drives and snaking putts. The PGA Tour has always had its share of characters, and still does. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting without them.
Jeff Williams is a Cigar Aficionado contributing editor.
Illustration by Gary Hovland
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