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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Armand Assante, Mar/Apr 2008

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So as a gesture of nonviolent protest against a conspiracy of global proportions, I plan on lighting up a filter-free, well-aged tobacco product this evening while sipping on an ethanol-based beverage. Thank goodness the tyrants at the WHO have yet to impose a World Alcohol-Free Day. Just don't get me started on the Nordic countries, especially the Faroe Islands!

Marc Kovacs
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Dear Marvin,
Imagine my surprise when I returned from my lunch hour to find that our office DHL driver left a copy of your magazine on my desk. He and I pretend that we are each other's favorite celebrity; to him I am Sarah Brightman, to me he is Tom Selleck.

As for the real Tom Selleck, his down-to-earth attitude and humility are the real qualities which endear him to the public. Good looks on the outside fade, but a heart and soul endure along with his talent and choices of work material. He is one of a kind and if anyone ever wants to make me smile, all they have to say is "Tom Selleck."

Hannah Campbell
Havertown, Pennsylvania

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