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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
David Caruso, Jan/Feb 2007

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Some of my family smoke cigars on a regular basis, but not very often do you find us all smoking together. On this night after a cookout, several of my cousins and I pulled out cigars and began to cut and light them. As this occurred you could feel an energy come over the family as we sat outside looking over a lake. My aunt suddenly wanted a cigar and we gladly gave her one. Then my grandfather, who has not smoked cigars for almost 30 years, suddenly wanted to partake in the event. Before I knew it, nearly every member of my family had a cigar in their hand. As this occurred, the mood of the entire event changed. People began to laugh more and some even began to dance. We all howled with laughter when my grandmother, in her mid-'80s, took a cigar and looked like a pro as she took a few puffs.

While watching this I just smiled. I was happy to see the family having a good time, but I was even happier to see the family enjoying a fine cigar and seeing how much they can enhance the moment. For years I've tried to explain to non-cigar smokers how smoking a cigar heightens the moment. It allows you to step away from your troubles and have a brief relaxing event just for you. I don't smoke just to smoke. I smoke when I have the time and I'm enjoying catching up with friends or relaxing after a meal.

I wanted to thank the magazine. For years I've read it and loved when other readers wrote in to explain the same feeling they get when they smoke. We should all feel privileged that we know about this little secret and how it enriches our lives.

Eric Hampton
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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