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The $100,00 Buy-In

Big cash games lure poker pros and affluent amateurs to ante up their own money
Michael Kaplan
From the Print Edition:
Camilo Villegas, July/August 2006

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Hansen turns over a pair of 5s, giving him an improbable four of a kind—which slaughters his opponent's full house. It is a big and disappointing loss for Negreanu. Although Hansen's play initially seems odd, it makes sense after he explains it. "I didn't think Daniel had a full house and figured he'd be likelier to make a bet than to call my bet," he says.

But that's cold comfort for Negreanu. He still looks quite stunned as the next hand is dealt, new victors emerge, the cameras continue to roll and fresh opportunities arise. With no time for the savoring of victory or the mourning of defeat, poker's never-ending game of high stakes Hold'em speeds along on its infinite path to heaven for some and oblivion for others.

Michael Kaplan is a Cigar Aficionado contributing editor.

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