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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Camilo Villegas, July/August 2006

(continued from page 2)

Dear Marvin,
I am a beginner cigar aficionado, only been at it for a few years now. I have found that one of the true joys in my life is smoking a cigar outside with my Doberman at my side. I literally drool at the sight of your magazine—I kid not (my wife gives me grief over this). I must say your articles and picture layout are exquisite...whoever does this on your team requires an immediate pay raise. I have to ask two questions: what cigar did my idol George Burns smoke and how often did he smoke?

Why is G.B. my idol? He reminds me of my grandfather, who would go out with a cigar every Sunday during a baseball game in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and lay back in the old beat-up Chrysler 300 and light up and just sit back and listen to the game on his car radio and enjoy every inch of the smoke and come back in the house. I remember that cigar scent in my mind every time I light up here in my own backyard. Thanks, Grandpa, for the great memories! Thank you and your team for such an awesome magazine! Consider me a lifelong member.
Erik Hass
Seattle, Washington


Editor's note: George Burns was an El Producto smoker and it was reported that he had 10 or more every day. Go to and check out our George Burns story from 1994. It was his last interview.

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