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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Camilo Villegas, July/August 2006

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Editor's note: Check out page 234. It was a great Big Smoke with more cigars than last year and plenty of food. Our attitude is that you can't abandon the field because things get difficult. We're sticking in there.


Dear Marvin,
As a subscriber to Cigar Aficionado it always brings a smile to my face after a long day of work, when I open my mailbox to find your magazine mixed in with the bills, junk mail and various other solicitations. As soon as I can get some quiet time I go through it cover it to cover, usually starting with the ratings, and make some notes on what cigars to try the next time I am in a cigar shop (usually De La Concha on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan).

In one of the past issues, I really got a kick out of your article describing your round of golf with Tiger Woods. As an average hacker who doesn't have enough time to get on the course, your story conveyed the sense of nervousness mixed with excitement that you must have felt, as you were lucky enough to play a round with one of the greatest golfers of all time. I have had the opportunity to watch Tiger and his fellow Tour players from outside the ropes, but I can only imagine what it would be like to stroll up the fairway with him.

After getting home the other night and receiving the most recent issue of CA, I went straight to your article on playing with Ernie Els and Gary Player. It must have been an absolute thrill to have a chance to play with these gentlemen. Playing a "friendly" match, without any fans, and smoking some good cigars must have made it more enjoyable, and to make those putts and win the match made for a great read. I look forward to your next adventure on the links.
Matt Hogan
New York, New York


Dear Marvin,
I must admit that I have never smoked a cigar, cigarette or any other tobacco product. I have been against the use of tobacco for many years now, and for all the right reasons. However, I am in no way one of those annoying, arrogant antitobacco protestors. I turned 18 in November 2005, which means I can purchase tobacco legally in the state of Texas, but I've chosen to refrain from the use of any tobacco product. My reasoning is justifiable due to my brother's health situation. At the age of 23, he had endured 18 years of battling with cystic fibrosis, the life threatening disease that affects the lungs, undergone two lung transplants (a double lung transplant, and then a single lung transplant after one of the lungs failed), and now continues a new fight against type one diabetes. He has been through a lot, and as the one without any serious medical condition, I feel that it is my duty to him and others like him to stay tobacco free so that should something happen to me, my lungs and other vital organs would be available for transplants, or if necessary, should my brother need help again, I would at least be cleared as a living donor should I be a match.

Now this may sound like the wrong story to submit to someone who's the editor and publisher of a magazine titled Cigar Aficionado, but the bottom line is that through all this, we, and that is my brother and I, love your magazine! Sure we might have all the reasons to ignore your magazine and pick up a Sports Illustrated, but the bottom line is that you are not just Cigar Aficionado, but "The Good Life Magazine for Men." And there is nothing wrong with that. We have had the pleasure of growing up in a very fortunate family, and had the luxury to enjoy all the pleasures of fine travel, good food and great golf. To us, your magazine is about the fine things in life, and you attribute cigars to that lifestyle. I've enjoyed reading your magazine for the past two years for the great articles and interviews, as well as the passion from other cigar lovers and their advice on the good life. I've enjoyed bonding with my brother on a topic that is foreign and new to us. Sometimes we'll laugh about how we wish we both had the ability to enjoy cigars (both health and morals aside), for that would be the final touch in the passion and love that you and your readers strive to live by. I was given permission, somewhat jokingly from my brother, to gather a knowledge and appreciation for cigars, so that I can one day begin a collection that I will share with friends, acquaintances and other cigar aficionados when the day comes in my life, when I'm old and retired, that I too can enjoy what you have so kindly opened my eyes to: the good life with a cigar in hand.
Matthew Kugler
Houston, Texas


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