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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Emeril Lagasse, Sept/Oct 2005

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I call these bans a loss of freedom. The kind we're used to seeing imposed in dictatorships. The lack of space and freedom to enjoy our cigars in public places will make smoking a less enjoyable activity. Don't get me wrong; I'd continue to enjoy my smokes even in a dark attic, if it came to that, but let's face it, that wouldn't be a lot of fun. We are sociable beings. We all like company as well as trying different ambiences, places, events, drinks and food around our cigars, right?

Imagine how boring and dull it would be if there were no musicians allowed to play live, no arenas to watch sports and concerts. Imagine being reduced to TV as our only source of entertainment, which seems to be the case these days when the average American watches TV for an average of 5.5 hours a day! This will lead us to social isolation, shamelessly shrinking our groups and manipulating our minds and beliefs.

Nobody, man or woman, will ever wear their best suit or dress for the purpose of "trying it at home"; we don't buy luxury or sport cars to keep 'em inside the garage.

I'd like to express my frustration and my indignation through your magazine, because cigars are a simple pleasure ranking at the top of the list of things to make life a bit more interesting and meaningful. My best moments have been shared with friends, family and cigars. Cigars are a sign of company, trust, success, friendship and more. Culturally, I've been around cigars and cigars have been around me for decades.

Shame on those whose lacking of souls have taken away our right to smoke and are threatening smokers into becoming an endangered species. You know what the real problem is with our society? We have never been able to live in one. The U.S. lack of culture and history defines us as a shallow group on the worldwide map. We have never been able to respect differences. We have never been able to live together as one. As to Fidel Castro, let's hope he won't be around for too much longer. He's done enough damage. Will it prevail?

As to myself, I'll continue to live by my own rules; standing out from the crowd has never tasted so good, specially in the company of a big cigar!

Gerry Porraz
Denver, Colorado

Editor's note: Your sentiments are shared here. And we will continue to call on our cigar smokers to find ways to fight for their personal rights, no matter how small their efforts may seem.


Dear Marvin,
"What's Happened to the Constitution?" Your editorial in the April issue was, well, preaching to the choir. But I'm left asking, where else can we turn, to whom can we start shouting, "Enough already!"?

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