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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Cigar of the Year, Jan/Feb 2005

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Then he said some of the teachers in his union smoked when they got together in Detroit, where they took their training classes. There were also a few men on the construction sites who would light up a cigar occasionally during the lunch break. "Besides," he said, "I find the company of like-minded individuals most enjoyable."

He has decided, for now, to smoke once each week. It's an activity he looks forward to continuing. As he was speaking, a little ditty came dancing through my mind. I could almost envision the frolicking cigars. This is it:

"Once a Week"
I'm only wanted once each week
It's not that hard to take.
His brother-in-law introduced us
I wasn't even on the make.

There have been others in his life
Willingly he will tell.
But for now,
I'm the one who rings his bell.

Filled with desire
We're going steady.
He lights my fire
Yes, he's always ready.

Could Shakespeare have put it better?
Take me, Romeo y Julieta.
I wonder,
Does he worship me from afar?
His occasional cigar.

Catherine E. Schoen
Yountville, California

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