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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Gen. Tommy Franks, Nov/Dec 03

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Dear Marvin,

I totally agree with your editor's note in the August 2003 issue regarding smoking bans in public places throughout the United States. I can tell you that here in Boston, it's no different. "Cigar-friendly" establishments are virtually nonexistent, and your recent comparison of cigar smokers of today to leprosy 100 years ago seems to be quite accurate.

I wanted to inform you and the readers of your fine magazine about the ridiculous and unfair law in Boston regarding cigar (and cigarette) smoking. This law states that an establishment may allow smoking if its revenues from tobacco are an overwhelming majority of its total revenues. Basically, this rules out bars and restaurants, so those of us who would enjoy a cigar (or cigarette) at a sports bar or after dinner would be prohibited from doing so. Even more sad is that the surrounding cities and towns are adopting similar laws.

The fact is, more people die from, or are killed by, drunk driving than they do from cigar or cigarette smoking. Every day, one can open a newspaper and read about a drunk driving fatality. Apparently, alcohol is a much bigger business and obviously more important to bureaucracies than tobacco; otherwise, alcohol would be banned as well.

Massachusetts is the birthplace of this country's freedom and independence. How ironic that a statewide smoking ban is inevitable. Unfortunately, my feeling is that those of us who disagree with smoking bans are fighting an uphill battle.

John Lampiris

Boston, Massachusetts


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