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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Gen. Tommy Franks, Nov/Dec 03

(continued from page 2)

Craig Forrest

Los Angeles, California


Dear Marvin,

Two thumbs up for your extraordinary interview with Francis Ford Coppola. As one who was actively engaged in the movie industry during the Coppola years, I was fascinated with the candor of Francis's comments and his revelations surrounding The Godfather saga.

Francis is an industry giant who not only raised the level of filmmaking, but also spawned an unusually talented generation of filmmakers and actors. All of them learned from both his special genius and steadfast commitment to his principles.

The Godfather era coincided with a low point in the fortunes of the movie industry, which had been decimated by television. It brought new owners and studio heads, some of whom were incapable of walking the difficult line between business realities and creative imperatives. His success was clearly a victory for creative freedom, but it also was achieved within the constraints of economic necessities.

I particularly enjoyed his comments regarding the cast of many who took credit for his success—not an unusual Hollywood trait. Knowing most of those who claimed this credit, it was not surprising. We all know who would have been blamed had The Godfather failed. From close observation of all the circumstances, I can assure your readers that The Godfather belongs to Francis.

Alan Hirschfield

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